“Screen The Noise” Manifesto

Who We Are

Unapologetically conservative, spirit-filled Christians, with no doubt where we’ll be in eternity.

There is “right” and “wrong”, and we see a lot of “wrong” happening in the world.

We’ll treat you with care and respect (even if we don’t agree), and we expect the same in return.Act like a fool though and you’ll be treated like one. Proverbs 26:4

Our mission

…is to clarify the story and help make it easy for you to sort the truth and facts out from among the obfuscation (both intentional and intentional).

We are NOT a news outlet, and thus do not generate/create/etc. news.

We are NOT a catch-all curator, and thus are NOT here to pass along every tidbit we encounter. We feel that is part of the problem today, and that intentional overload is being used as highly effective a tactic of informational warfare.

We will NOT be a misleading “hider” of information we disagree with, even if it is completely fabricated bullshit (of which there is a lot of out there). But we WILL tag it accordingly.

We will NOT avoid stories that make us uncomfortable or challenge our beliefs.

In the absence of cold hard facts, We WILL add our interpretation of how things relate, especially in light of the fact that:

  • the facts and truth are intentionally and criminally being kept hidden or destroyed, and
  • misleading information is being broadcast in its absence.
  • However, we still state that as such, and not convolve “personal interpretation” and “facts”. Again, we feel that is also part of the problem today, and the intentional obfuscation between the two is often (purposefully) being carried out by design.

Your Assignment:

Think For Yourself

As a citizen, you must face the uncomfortable reality that you need to use very careful and objective thinking to discern truth – especially since it is almost always being intentionally hidden from you by criminal people and organizations.

It’s unfair. VERY unfair.

The same unfairness that police detectives face while trying to track lying criminals who – not only avoid presenting clear evidence – but even actively HIDE and destroy it.

  • Look for Evidence:
    • Collect known facts – actions, events or circumstances that are real. Remain alert to whether the evidence is:
      1. Presented Evidence: provided to you by others either in good faith or with malintentions.
      2. Discovered Evidence: that you personally revealed through your own intentional search.
    • Employ a strong attention to detail.
    • Use good logical reasoning processes to assess and evaluate those facts and determine what they mean.
  • SKILL 2. Question everything
    • Critically evaluate the motives and historical patterns of sources “providing” you with supposed ‘facts’, ‘theories’, and ‘evidence’.
    • Evaluate the credibility of those ‘facts’, ‘theories’, and ‘evidence’ – in whole, as well as partial.
    • Carefully recognize and analyze the gaps. What is not being said or presented? Why?
  • SKILL 3. Explore ALL potential theories
    • Use sound logical analysis to accurately relate and synthesize information into meaningful and correct relationships.
    • Draw accurate conclusions based on careful reasoning and logical critical thinking.
      • Skillfully use both reasoning methods:
        1. Inductive reasoning (“evidence first”) to generate and widen possible theoretical options.
        2. Deductive reasoning (“belief first”) to eliminate and narrow possible theoretical options.
      • Move from inductive reasoning to deductive reasoning as new information is uncovered.
  • SKILL 4. Maintain objectivity, manage personal bias
    • Recognize your own personal biases.
    • Engage an active willingness to look beyond those personal biases.
    • Challenge your own personal biases.
    • Use great caution to avoid drawing wrong conclusions based on a narrative you might have been hoping for.

Why Are We Doing This?

The Internet has become known as the Information Highway. But that’s a double-edged sword when disinformation intentionally gets pushed into the mix.

There is a huge disinformation campaign underway to keep you confused. And the main-stream media (MSM) are the polished kings at this. The bad actors will NEVER willingly let you or I see the facts.

They know they can’t completely “stop” you from communicating truth and facts (although they are often successful through censoring and filtering what you see), so they instead resort to throwing out a massive cloud of obfuscation…

…in hopes that you exhaust yourself trying to sort out the truth from their lies. And ultimately give up.

THAT is not ok.

That is what this site is about.

You need to be able to see the raw information and see things clearly and not just be told what to think, or be fooled into what to think. You’ll therefore see the raw information and its sources here. And that includes the disinformation (#FakeNews) and its sources as well so that you can see the relationships and discern the truth for yourself.

Explore on your own and discern for yourself. Don’t just look at this site. Share what you learn and help others.

Screen the noise, and think for yourself.